360˚ panoramic photography, player creation, & social media marketing

360˚ Panoramic Photography Basics
One of the most important factors influencing Internet bookings for destination websites is the use of high quality photography that accurately depicts a location and service.

In addition to being able to discern photos that are cropped, outdated, and creatively deceptive, Internet consumers depend on visual information to make a final decision in booking or visiting a destination.

According to a recent article by SyndicatePlus, 360° (degree) product photography technologies enable consumers to view all sides and angles of the product by rotating it on their screen. The same technology also reduces the average number of product returns as consumers have a better understanding of what they are actually buying. Moreover, 360° photography provides legitimacy in the eyes of consumers as it adds to the perceived brand value of a product, which increases consumers trust in your product.

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