Why does the quality of 360° images seem to vary so much?

360° photography is becoming more popular as hobbyists shoot for fun with low quality cameras and cell phones. In many 360° images you can see stitching errors where lines don’t meet, blending errors where the light isn’t right, or whole areas that seem distorted or missing.

Our background has been in the professional film and video business for the last 25 years, so we are accustomed to meeting the high image standards of brand departments for large organizations. We’ve been shooting professional 360° tours for companies like Wyndham Resorts, colleges like USC, UCLA, and Liberty University, and popular locations like Churchill Downs. Vistaramic uses high quality DSLR cameras and a technique called High Dynamic Range (or HDR for short). Each shot we take is composed of multiple exposures at different light settings. This allows us to balance the finished 360° so you can see what’s in the shadows as well as the bright sky.

We spend the time to carefully and precisely stitch the views together and make sure the 360° accurately portrays the location while showcasing it in clear brilliant imagery.