What kind of options are available for the player?

Just about any normal HTML function can be done in a Vistaramic 360° image player.
  • Multi-state drop-down menus for navigation.
  • Graphics and links that connect to websites, social media, and booking engines.
  • Hotspots are graphics that stay linked to a specific spot in a 360° image as it turns. With a hotspot, we can connect to another 360° image or display additional information. This allows the feeling of walking from room to room, location to location, or outside to inside.
  • In addition to text, info boxes can contain YouTube videos or other dynamic content like rotating specials.
  • Directional audio can be played that appears to be coming from a single source or all through an entire 360° image.
    • Click to see and “hear” the fireworks on July 4th in Celebration Florida.
    (note: iDevices automatically turn off audio by default on incoming Internet links).
  • Interactive maps and floor plans can be used for navigation.
    Interactive real estate 360° tour

  • Still images can be used to create slideshows.
  • “See Inside” Roll-Over links allow viewers to see what’s behind or inside of something. This feature can be used to see what's inside a closet or cabinet, for example.
    Click on the link, close the logo graphic, and roll over a cabinet, closet, or the refrigerator.